Businesses live in a time – more than ever- when success means finding the exact people in place. Fatronz Info Solutions Pvt Ltd will help you in verifying the important personal and professional details furnished by candidates, in other words CV validation, an important aspect of Employee Background Check and arrive at the most informed recruitment decisions, hopefully – long term.

Employees form the face of any organization and the business’s brand image depends directly on them. To add to it, right employees, also, affect customer satisfaction and profit margins positively. So, to ensure that right employees are selected, it is wise to check their background and CV validation is one such check. Fatronz will bear that responsibility to ensure that employees have not fabricated details in their CV but have furnished the facts, thereby ensuring that you could select people with right skills and those align fittingly to organization’s culture and values.  

Decisions like what compensation package to offer, how to decide promotions and how to allot responsibilities are taken by decision makers by relying on the details furnished in the resumes or CVs submitted. However, sadly, many applicants and employees furnish false credentials, fabricated education and employment history to pretend to be better qualified for snatching money-spinning offers – be it appointment, promotion, salary hikes or perks. Offering these benefits to undeserving candidates by taking details furnished in resume for face value could mean wasteful expenditure of time, money and training resources apart from negative impact on productivity. CV validation is an appropriate step in the direction of preventing bad hires by verifying candidate’s claims about employment, education and experience.  

Fatronz will take up the responsibility of conducting CV validation for you by verifying the information furnished by candidates, which are key elements to the appointment.  As part of the process, we will weigh the details furnished in the CV apropos the information entailed in the background verification report and check for inconsistencies. Fatronz will also cross check for the accuracy of the information regarding designation, tenure, salary and responsibilities of previous employments and also educational and professional qualifications, given in the CV.  

In these times, when smartness overshadows honesty and fraud is widespread, it is prudent to conduct CV validation by a professional agency before recruiting a person

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CV Validation in India

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