Company Background Screening


Company Background Screening comes to play when you plan to enter a deal with any other company as an associate, business partner, franchisee seller, supplier, dealer, distributor, vendor etc. Fatronz, with our expertise in background screening, cut down the perils of vulnerabilities while entering into business partnership with other corporations. In this era of fake claims and image building sans substance, it is more necessary to verify the claims of prospective partners, their reputation and history.

Although the saying is that “no man is an island”, Business is contrary in character. They mix and link with many entities every day for commercial purpose. As any prudent individual does, before making a contract, businesses, too, must assess whether the prospective client or vendor or partner is trustworthy and reliable; and the deal is beneficial. Fatronz, with our background screening service, can point out potential dangers – financial, operational or image-wise, that could entail from a fresh business partnership.

Fatronz offers you a detailed and comprehensive background check that you can rest assured, while making the important decision of making a deal. We sift the beneficial from calamitous, for your peace of mind. When you name your prospective partner, the experts of Fatronz’s Corporate Background Screening team assess the factors like its socio-economic status, debit and credit history, criminal background, bank fraud, dates of business license expiry, valid court cases, reputation; erstwhile links, associates and activities, legal records, reports, accounts, balance sheets and vanishing company records. Fatronz advices to apply the same methodologies while selecting vendors too. Fatronz understands that while you ask for business background screening the requirement is immediate and time is constrained.

Our expertise provides for a plan of action that reduces risk, enhance efficiency and empower decision making. The depth of our service is unparalleled. Fatronz does not treat corporate background screening as a commodity but as a value laden service. So, our service is comprehensive scope-wise and well-off in data analysis. Fatronz, with our background screening service, is determined to aid you in the process of choosing apt partners. We recurrently strive to offer clients a constantly super standard service. Our experts have a good grasp over the requirements of businesses, also.

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Company Background Screening

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