Employee Background Verification is the most trustworthy process before hiring a person in your company. The residential address verification process in India is a crucial step to save your organization from future losses. Nowadays, the number of dubious activities has increased in almost all sectors. You can find countless fraud companies that feel free to cheat their employees, and the number of fraud employees is not less. Is there any way to protect your company from developing fraudulent employees? Yes. Let us learn more about the details of the best address background verification companies in India.

 The connection between address verification and employee background verification

Address verification is process of verifying the authenticity of an employee’s residential address because they can access sensitive information about a company. So, companies need to make sure that they can trust their employees. The survey found that almost all large companies verify the addresses of their employees first to check the background of their hired hands. Especially start-up companies that do not do background screening, experience huge losses that are bad for their reputation.

How to start address verification in India?

Address verification is possible in two ways, one is physical address verification, and the other is digital address verification.

  • For physical address verification, an officer is appointed who verifies the applicant’s provided address, family members, house number, period of stay, reputation etc.
  • Digital address verification is the process through verification is done through the digital medium

What we offer ?

Fatronz Info Solutions Private Limited is one of the best address verification companies in India and simplifies your work to a great extent by using advanced technology in the online & offline address verification procedure. We make it smooth and efficient by using 4-essential steps that can beat the traditional process.

  • We gather data and documents to verify the existence of the address.
  • The competent experts check primary data analysis.
  • Moreover, the specialists do in-depth data verification after getting the documents from the employee.
  • Finally, the company sends the background verification report to the cleint.

Can you face any challenges?

  • Various workers earn and stay as paying guests to support their families. As they provide temporary addresses, they cannot be granted authenticity during address verification checks.
  • Employees make spelling mistakes or enter wrong zip code numbers that are eliminated as incorrect data.
  • The address verification process in India was never possible remotely, but Fatronz Info Solutions can do it with updated digital tools over the traditional method.


Fatronz Info Solutions Private Limited is one of the best background verification companies in India that uses advanced technology step-by-step to verify an employee’s residential address. They actively use updated digital tools that effortlessly eliminate all fake identities.

Only those employees who pass this test get the opportunity to be physically present at the office premises and do the rest of the verification. The security of your firm is valuable whether you want help as a customer or as a business owner, they maintain high security. Fatronz Info Solutions is one of the best companies providing address verification in India and assuring maximum safety to prevent impostors.