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Intelligence Research

We have a first-hand potential to hustle & implement strategic insights incurred from professional online & onsite research to establish facts & findings which will help our clients to redefine & achieve their corporate goals.

Risk Management

Our methodologies towards Risk Identification, Risk Impact Assessment, Risk Prioritization Analysis & Risk Mitigation are unique by which our clients can successfully handle various Operational, Strategic, Compliance or Financial Risks.

Brand Protection

We strive to manage brand rights of our clients in all means for which we conducts continuous research to protect Intellectual Property Rights such as Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Designs etc. along with an eye on anti-counterfeiting.

Project Implementation

Our specialized teams who are capable to handle specific business process outsourcings of various industries are helping our clients to relax & fully focus on their core corporate aspects with complete ease and confidence.
Fatronz International is a comprehensive solution provider for a wide range of specific corporate requirements in various industries with a holistic global operational perspective. Our vast expertise, experience and unique methodologies aid us to deliver so many exclusive distinguished research services to our clients. Our multidimensional way of approaching assignments make us unique; thus the solutions are purely made from the arduously facts and figures, not merely assumptions. We always ensure credibility of the services and consultations that has been served and we never compromise in our code of ethics. The perspicacious team and its explications can never be wrong and always lead us to explore many possible solutions. Our dedicated team always follow ' LTA ' rule; Listen, Think, Act to find the best solution for problems.

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We provide services with absolute care and clarity to ensure 100% fulfillment of client’s specific requirements. Dedication and expertise of our team are the backbone of first-hand professionalism that we guarantee in each assignment .
A combination of a vibrant research team, advanced methodologies to collect data and a perfect analysis team to analyze the collected data make us capable to deliver a most reliable service to our clients to meet their expectations.
We are undertaking and fulfilling various assignments only based on our Code of Ethics that we formulate in order to make all our actions comply with rules and regulations under jurisdiction of local Government authority.
We provide various researches, verification and consultancy services as part of an integral unit to help our clients to meet their corporate goals to succeed risk and completion in the field and protect their particular rights in the industry.
We keep utmost secrecy and confidentiality regarding client and assignment details in any situation subject to local Government laws. All our employees are well trained to handle and deliver confidential data to clients without any leakage.