Address Verification In IndiaAddress verification service in India, In contemporary business world, candidates are screened thoroughly before recruitment. Address Verification is an integral part of such Pre - Employment Background Screening and Fatronz specializes in that too, as in many other processes of Employee Background Check in India.

Had it been an ideal world, applicants and employers would have been furnishing their details accurately and honestly. But the realm of business and recruitment is far removed from being ideal. This causes unfulfilled expectations and wide of the mark hires. This is a colossal loss for organizations as lot of resources is exhausted in hiring process and also organizational safety is compromised. So, it is imperative to make sure that any hire is fully authentic and fit. So, Fatronz takes pain to assure that Address Verification is, also, done as diligently as any other part of Employee Background Verification process in India.  

Fatronz, via address verification process, makes sure that the applicant has furnished his or her residential addresses – previous, current and permanent – correctly, fully and frankly. Authentication of residential addresses aid immensely, when one does criminal record browses and ascertains credit reports. Fatronz recommends considering making furnishing of bona fide information apropos address, an imperative. This is so because we believe that someone who cannot or does not furnish this type of primary information about him or herself, rightly or frankly, cannot be banked upon. This makes address verification process a vital part of the different Employee Background Verification processes employed as part of Employee Background Screening services in India.

Address verification is important because the organization may need the personal and permanent address of an employee in many other prospective scenarios during their operations. Address verifications aids companies attenuate possibilities of mix ups, deceptions and furnishing of false information. Apart from ensuring address veracity, Fatronz also investigates given phone numbers, credit card billing addresses and do locality and neighbor checks, on client demand.

It is common sense that one needs to be sure about the whereabouts of a person to fully believe in his or her claims, Address verification ensures that. We also crosscheck address verification findings in online databases and directories.  Having the authentic address of the employee is an imperative for sending official letters concerning appointment, discipline, termination, final settlement, dues and also in helping law enforcement authorities in case of criminal acts by employees. 

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Address Verification in India

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