We are one of the best

Background Verification Companies in India

Established in the year 2013 in the name “Fatronz International”, by providing various background verification services in India. Predominant industry knowledge, quick response & quality report submissions benefitted us in receiving appreciation from the clients. Pan-India Field Associate presence and availability of the multi-linguistic experts in the team are the unique features which enable us to guarantee a 100% professional & reliable service. Through the knowledge we obtained through massive cases coordination, completions & submissions, we are keen to showcase the clients, our domain expertise & adaptability towards market trends. With that set goal, we rebranded ourselves to Fatronz Info Solutions Pvt Ltd during September 2021.

We deliver what’s right ; not what’s required


Our Vision

To be the most trusted and reliable Background Verification Partner for organizations as well as individuals.

Our Core Values

Our values are integral part of our company culture and defines who we are & how we will engage. We pledge to upheld below values even in the worst situation

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Consumer focus
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to excellence

Our Mission

Deliver the most relevant information to our clients by providing superior service and unmatched customer satisfaction, complemented by our client-centric business approach, while emphasizing accuracy and speed to assist them in making the right decisions at the right time.


Why Background Verification ?

What is

Background Verification ?

Background verification is the process of verifying the genuineness of the details and documents produced by an applicant. We achieve this through field visits and extensive web checks.

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The Purpose of

Background Verification?

To eliminate potential dangers to the company by detecting candidates who have submitted false information.

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Importance of

Background Checks are important?

A background check is a long time tried, and tested method to ensure an organization’s safety. It is important to find the right candidate with the right qualifications and qualities to do the job. Reduce the risk of hiring employees with suspicious backgrounds. It helps you avoid future legal complications with careless or troublesome candidates

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Benifits of

Background Verification

Previous employers give an idea of what kind of work habits an applicant has.

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