Criminal Verification in India (Court Record Check / Local Police Station Check)

After an applicant has cracked the interview, it is always prudent to conduct a thorough Employee Background Check in India, especially criminal verification. This is an imperative to ensure that he or she proves to be a precious asset and not a burden. Fatronz Info Solutions Pvt Ltd is capable of holding a very dependable and useful criminal background verification to ensure that you are not letting in wrong people.

An employee with criminal background is a hazard to other employees, good name of the organization and its assets. Experience says that not being intent on criminal verification of would be employees may be one of the gravest errors an establishment can make. This one oversight can make your organization vulnerable to various illegal activities and may even put the organization into law suits. The safest way to assure that your organization holds no employee with a criminal background is to conduct a criminal background verification by Fatronz, the truthful professional Organization. We thoroughly check an applicant for past convictions or criminal activities. Employees feel safe with the knowledge that their organization conducts criminal check. This step ensures that people with criminal propensity, who could be a crime risk, are excluded.  

 Fatronz is experienced in unearthing criminal history and our method is tactful. We go to the necessary extent in a methodical manner for unearthing as much credible information about applicants and potential employees. Fatronz has been in criminal verification service for a long time and is reputed.

While conducting Criminal Background Verification in India, Fatronz browses an individual’s criminal history to evaluate his or her dependability. Background Screening through all applicants for criminal records is not an easily accomplishable task for human resources department of an organization. Fatronz will take upon themselves the mantle of this huge task that demands a lot of time and an in depth scrutiny of the nature of criminal records.

In India, police records are accessible at different levels. The records are computerized at national level in National Crime Records Bureau and in most of the state levels. It is not so in district and police station levels. Fatronz executives will collect information by physically visiting the specific office or through online mediums, whichever is necessary.

Fatronz conducts both types of criminal verification – police station verification and court record check in India. As the number of crimes is on the increase, it is now a practice for employers to conduct police verification for all employees manning sensitive positions. Court Record Check is conducted to scrutinize whether there is or has been any court case against the concerned candidate.

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Criminal Verification in India

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