Previous employment experience is an indicator to how an applicant can be allotted a slot in the scheme of things of a company. By previous employment verification, Fatronz Info Solutions Private Limited aids employers to verify the past employment details furnished by an applicant, so that the decision makers can decide on how that resource can be utilized.

Before appointing an employee, an employer needs to assess the way he or she had discharged their duties in previous tenures, behavior during those tenures, capabilities as demonstrated and various characteristics that the applicant entail or not, for the suitability to the position. Employment Background Verification in India is the method for it and Fatronz is adept in the endeavor.

Employers must make sure whether the applicant have engaged in any undesirable activity during the previous employments, as it is their primary responsibility to keep the employees, clients, and themselves safe. No wise employer can take the risk of a tarnished image for his or her organization.

Fatronz approaches previous employers or current employer, on behalf of the prospective employer with detailed formats, evolved with experience and crafted with intelligence, seeking details of the employment, the applicant entailed in their organizations. Usually nobody is reluctant to divulge details, although in some cases it may take time, especially for employees who worked in not so recent tenures. As employment verification is a common occurrence these days, Human Resources Department of most organizations hold special designees exclusively assigned for handling employment verification requests. Usually, the details verified are dates of employment, salary information, answer to the question that whether the applicant is still employed, details about employee’s performance etc. Chances of a potential rehire are also enquired into. In some cases, applicant’s history of job responsibilities, title and salary history are also sought.   

As is the common practice now, employment background verification requests are addressed to the topmost official of the organization and is redirected to and availed from Human Resources Department.  

As is a legal obligation, all employment verification requests must include the signature of the employee or former employee endorsing the divulgence of information. As a courtesy, in most organizations, Human Resources Department will inform the employee, when employment verification is solicited. Please remember that employment history verification is time consuming, tedious and prone to mistakes. You can save on time and effort by entrusting Fatronz with the task.


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Previous Employment Verification in India

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