It is now a routine for many employers to verify references of applicants as a component of the hiring process. Fatronz Info Solutions Pvt Ltd can responsibly conduct this reference check, which is now almost an integral part of the organizational hiring endeavor.

In reference check, an employer approaches a candidate’s erstwhile employers, educational institutions and other sources to enquire in detail about his or her employment narrative, educational background and credentials for the job. Fatronz will fulfill this tedious and demanding job for you with the utmost responsibility it demands. 

Fatronz conducts reference check in multiple steps. Fatronz can limit the check to just verifying the dates of employment and job heads, attendance details at educational institutions and qualifications, as per the requirements of organizations. Fatronz is equally equipped and willing to hold an in depth check by interviewing references to get perspectives about candidate’s skills, qualifications and abilities, if the organization or situation demands. If you are intend on verifying the employment history and qualifications candidate has stated in resume or application, Fatronz can do it for you. Fatronz is also equipped to do the job credibly, if you want to ensure that the candidate holds the appropriate skill set for the job or whether he or she will align with the organization and team seamlessly.

Fatronz assures that we will conduct the reference check within all the legal prescriptions of the land. This will help you rest assured with the thought that you will not get into any legal tangles. In some countries, applicant’s permission is needed to conduct a credit check or to deploy a third party for the same.  Some educational institutions also ask for their ward’s consent proof to release school records or other academic details.

Fatronz can also check with other concerned people than available in the list of references that the candidate has provided. This process of reference check with persons applicant has not listed is known as back door reference checking and they may include erstwhile colleagues or managers of applicants, or other sources that can divulge information about them.

Fatronz professionals very well know the legal boundaries in which back door reference check in India has to occur and makes sure that legal appropriateness is maintained. You can rest assured that no breach which may embarrass your organization may occur. 

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Professional Reference Check

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Professional reference checks India can help build trust between the employer and the candidate. By conducting a thorough and professional reference check , employers can demonstrate that they take the hiring process seriously and are committed to hiring the best possible candidate for the job.