Customer Background Checks

Customer Background Checks in India helps Organizations to identify mis-information submitted by their customers and thus, prevent potential future loss. Verification of each and every data provided by the customers while submitting their application is the most important factor in eliminating fraudulent activities, which will save immense time and resources of the company. As said in proverb, “prevention in better than cure”.

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Pre - Insurance Verification

A detailed background verification of the credentials submitted by the customers while applying for the insurance policy, is very crucial.

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KYC Verification

“Know Your Customer” details should be thoroughly screened before proceeding with account opening, so that there will not be any mis-matches in future.

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Profile Verification

A complete background check on the customer’s profile will help to identify his/her real credibility and hence, can determine risk ratio of the person.

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Insurance Claim Verification

Conducting a comprehensive investigation on the incidents for which customer is claiming for the compensation, will help to find out fraud insurance claims.