The Growing Need for Education Verification as Part of Employee Background Verification in India

The need for Education Verification in India as part of employee background verification is growing at an unprecedented rate. With the rise in fraudulent activities and the need for employers to ensure that their employees have the necessary qualifications, Education Checks has become an essential part of the employee background check process.

Education Verification helps employers to verify that a candidate has the qualifications they claim to have and that their credentials are genuine. It also helps them identify discrepancies between what is stated on a resume or application and what is true. This ensures that employers hire trustworthy, qualified individuals to represent their company well.

What is Education Verification, and Why is it Important?

Education verification is the process of verifying a person's educational background and academic qualifications. It is a vital aspect of the recruiting process since it assists businesses in ensuring that their skilled employees are qualified for the job they are looking for.


  • Education verification guarantees that candidates have not fabricated any facts on their resume or application.
  • By confirming educational qualifications, companies may ensure they are recruiting the most qualified and trustworthy personnel for their organization.

What are the Challenges of Conducting Education Background Verification in India?

Conducting education verification is a challenging task. There are many reasons for it to be difficult, but some of them are:

Identification of the Institution

The first step in conducting education verification is to identify the institution. This can be done by checking if it is accredited, valid, and open. If you are conducting a cross-reference between different records of universities with similar names but separate addresses, then you need to verify that:


  • The university was previously known as Shri Jagannath University (SJV), now known as TUAS Mangalore University;
  • The current address matches that of SJV/TUAS.

Location of the Institution

The location of the institution is also a challenge. Some institutions may be located in a remote area, while others might be in another country. Additionally, some institutions may be found in different states or countries altogether.


Suppose you are conducting education verification for an international student studying abroad. In that case, this could present challenges for your client due to differences in laws and regulations between states or countries with which they're learning English (i.e., California vs New York).

The date range for the education verification

Education verification is a process of verifying the educational qualifications of an individual. The employer does it to check the authenticity of their employee's credentials and integrity. The date range for education verification depends on how long it has been since you completed your studies.


However, it can be as little as two years or as long as 20 years. This means that if you are looking for work in a field where there are many companies hiring graduates from different universities, then it may be challenging to find one. That will grant you access without additional information about your graduation dates, degrees earned at each university/institution/verify degree in india, etc.

Best Education Verification Companies in India

It is necessary to conduct an education background check before hiring someone. In most cases, companies will verify the degrees by the Admissions and Records office of the school or institution and may charge a fee.  This screening will confirm the dates of attendance and whether or not the degree was obtained. Many organizations use third-party companies to verify education and may charge a fee.


In conclusion, Education verification is integral to employee background verification in India. With the high number of fraud and corruption cases related to educational institutions, employers need to take extra precautions regarding recruitment.

Education Verification in India provides this assurance by ensuring that appropriate due diligence has been done on candidates and that their qualifications are legitimate.

Investing in education verification systems helps employers find the right talent for their organizations while safeguarding their business from any potential risks associated with hiring candidates who do not have valid credentials.