When employers hire new talents, the major criteria of selection are usually educational qualifications and experience. However, a background check of the prospective employees is also a crucial step of the recruitment process before the candidates are appointed to their respective posts. In order to verify the credentials of the applicants with regard to their claims of eligibility, and also to scrutinize their conduct and past behaviour, employers resort to various methods. Employee background verification process in India involves a comprehensive collection and analysis of different types of information regarding the candidate either through the in-house verification team or with the help of professional verification companies.

Employee background screening companies in India function as an auxiliary system that support employers in choosing the right candidates who are an asset to their businesses and services. The parameters of verification that the employee background verification companies in India take into account depend on the requirements of the employer. While some need only a basic background check, others demand a thorough investigation of the applicant’s records. The process can be as simple as contacting previous employers or references over the phone for gathering information, or it can escalate to a multi-level data collection across various platforms and channels.

Employee background verification process in India start by examining the details provided in the resume with respect to educational background, career history, achievements, and other personal information. Digitalized academic records make it easier for the agencies to ensure the authenticity of the degrees and certificates of the candidates. If the data is not available in digital form, the screening companies contact either past employers or educational institutions to cross-check the records. Some of the best background verification companies in India undertake a deeper search to identify education gaps, number of chances taken to clear the papers, exam fraud, etc. Similarly, while checking the past employment history of the applicant, the agencies usually communicate with current or previous employers to verify the claims of skills, job title and responsibilities held, performance track record, cost to company, reason for quitting the job, general conduct, and workplace fraud, if any. The work is half done if the past employers also have run a background check during the recruitment process.

One of the most important aspects of background verification is criminal record check. Employee background screening companies in India research and collect such data by visiting the local police stations of the applicants’ current, previous, and permanent places of residence, as required. Apart from police records, information available in public and government databases like Aaadhaar card, Voter’s ID, PAN card, driver’s license, court records, and bank documents are also screened for an extensive coverage of legally valid and verified records. Credit scores of the prospective employees are checked in some cases to detect past incidents of fraud and embezzlement.

A more all-encompassing process by employee background verification companies in India in the recent times considers the online presence of the applicant as a tool to assess the personality and social behaviour of the individual. Social media feeds and posts are monitored to analyse their interests, attitudes, political and religious bias, affiliations, activism, and so on. It is easier for the employers to determine whether the candidate can conform to the interests and values of the company by looking at the social media interactions of the person.

Comprehensive background checks are time consuming and complicated due to the legal constraints and the vastness of records to be researched. When it is a mass recruitment process, the in-house HR team may not be able to handle the verification procedures on a deeper level.  Hence, it is highly desirable for employers to seek the services of the best background verification companies in India to get a professionally prepared and presented background information of the applicants and ensure the goodwill and safety of their businesses and employees.

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