Importance of background Verification


International Labor Organization (ILO) defines employment relationship as a legal link apropos employers and employees. It is in vogue when an individual does an act of work or service under certain conditions in lieu for remuneration. Before entering into this legal binding the employer must ensure that he or she has found the right person with required resources and also character attributes. Employee Background Verification procedure aim to aid employers work in peace by ascertaining they have found the credible candidate. When an employer appoints an employee, he or she is embarking on a new relationship. It is more like a marriage. As with the case of any concerned individual, one should thoroughly enquire about the background of potential partner and cross check and verify the claims they make with the aim of entering into a profitable alliance. It is very important to painstakingly check details to ensure that your employee has made factual claims, while submitting human resource information. One must remember that strong employer-employee relationship can cause greater employee happiness and can even cause increased productivity. To ensure a happy relationship the partners should ensure beforehand that they are compatible to each other. For that the testimonies that an employee make to employer must be verified. Fatronz Employee Background Verification service will help you out in this endeavor. To enable you to reap the benefits of a meaningful and successful employer and employee relationship, Fatronz ensures to make use of our experience and expertise, to anticipate the dynamics of your relationship in work, while validating the background details and credentials.

Fatronz ensures that we recommend you an employee with whom one can engage in a mutually respectful relationship. Apart from that, this relationship is one of mutual reliance also. Experts advice that employers must promote relationship building by candidly speaking with employees about their lives, families and interests. They advise employees to be open with their employers. This is true after the employment contract is made and both employee and employer start working together. However, a thorough cross checking of credentials and background details has to be made by both employers of their potential employees. Fatronz specializes in this realm and has years of experience and loads of expertise in this endeavor. One can bank upon Fatronz to collect and analyze details about one’s contract partner, also, before entering into an accord, so that one may not end up with a wrong person or wrong organization. If in need of help before choosing an employee or associate write to us at

If in need of help before choosing an employee or associate write to us at