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Human Resource Analysis

An employment is the bond between an employee and an employer on the basis on a contract. The risk is high for the both parties, a proper assessment of both parties is necessary for a smooth employment. The employment risk can be divided in to two with respect to parties, Employee risk and employer risk. The employee risk involves the credibility of the company, financial security, professional background etc, the risk is high as it will affect the career life. If an employee join in a non professional company whose ethical and credible values are too low, this will affect the career, in future too for e.g. if the company is a black listed one, the future of the employee will be black listed. So choosing a company is much more important in the career wise perspective.

An employer risks in hiring an employee is also high, the professional ability and the credibility of the employee is much more important in the development point of view. If the employee's professional quality and the credibility is too low it will affect the work which will ultimately glare on the fame of the company hence the company may get black listed or have to face similar issues. Employees and there efforts are the building block of a company or a business, if any block is not strong enough it may affect the complete construction or even worse the entire demolishment of the building.An employer or a company is responsible for the development of professional skills of an employee, so before choosing a firm a complete valuation about the firm must be done. A company valuation involves verification on the credibility of the employer, the financial background, professional quality, ethical values etc .

An employee is the one who conceive the dream or vision of an employer, So choosing an employee is one of the key factors that effect the development of a business. Before hiring, an employee has to undergo employee verification like credential assessment, educational verification,personal background verification,criminal background verification etc even validating the CV and bio data. This will ensure the professional ability and skill of an employee.For the further advancement of a business or a company an internal audit about the employees and executives have to be done, to identify the strength and weakness. The reduction of the weakness and enhancement of the strength will heighten the development.

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