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Employment Verification

Verification of the employees or employment with respect to the hiring is popularly known as employment verification. It is a time consuming and challenging process. The best organization must know each and every bricks in their business. To enable that employment verification plays important role. Employment verification is the gathering of precise information about a candidate including the work history. Verification is the only process to ensure the data that are submitted to a firm is genuine. An authentic verification need legitimate filed executives, who sincerely visit the site and collect all the information. Its prestigious to say that Fatronz consist of such legitimate filed executives. The information that are passed by us is strictly under confidential and authentic.

The employment verification is a time engrossing process, we give back your valuable time so that you can contribute your time to some other productive issues. For example, there will more number of employees in your company and also will be there more to join, it will be troublesome to invest your time on each employee's verification, by undertaking your verification process we give back these time which can be invested for much betterment. It won't be a nice belief to have an employee without verification, the cost of bad hiring may be high. The forgery in certificated and data that are submitted in your company may district the growth very badly. So it must be a prior concept to have an employee with accurate knowledge. Thus, the employment verification enhances the business growth.

The employees and its related issues are associated to the HR department, we help the HR department by reducing the effort and time conception on employees. IN that sense we act as an annex to the HR department. Our vast experience makes us easy to have verification. We always serve our clients with fast and accurate actions. With our employment verification services you can obtain full legitimate detail about a candidate like last pay roll, Gaps in the resume, assessment about last companies, referential check, behavior - social & professional, Certificate valuations etc which may affect your business or firm. Professionalism, Trustworthy and Confidentiality are the three slogans in which Fatronz is built.

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