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Codes & Values

Fatronz international values Ethics of the field and Confidentiality of the assignments more than anything else. We strive not to undertake tasks and not to perform investigation against professional and personal ethics, for which we had develop our own Code of Ethics. In any case, we are strictly following below mentioned codes for keeping morality and integrity of the field:
• Undertake assignments comply with national laws and local jurisdictions
• Assist Government officials or legal authorities whenever required under prevailing laws
• No clients shall be denied any services on the grounds of Nationality, Religion, Caste, Race, Sex or Color
• All investigators and employees shall keep high degree of morality
• Employees shall not exaggerate services offered to clients
• Rates for services shall be reasonable
• All information regarding clients, assignments and investigation shall be confidential
• Reports given to clients shall not contain any exaggerations from the side of investigators
• Satisfaction of the clients shall be the prime concern of employees and investigators

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