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About Us

Fatronz Consultancy Services provides Risk Management, Intelligence Research, Brand Protection and various Consultancy Services all over India. We proposes a multifaceted aid to corporate world, in their endeavor to realize their aims and objectives, by surmounting the multiple challenges they may face in the journey. We offer multiple business allied services in a single platter.

Fatronz Consultancy Services offers guidance to corporate decision makers and executives by providing an array of business allied services from Corporate Investigations, Risk Management, Business Intelligence, Market Surveys and Human Resource Analysis to Intellectual Property Rights protection. Fatronz Consultancy Services is a dependable, trustworthy and credible ally in the endeavors of corporations to provide fruits of maximum quality to their stakeholders.

Fatronz Consultancy Services aids in improving the profit margins by investigating the marketing potential of products and services. For that our team takes pains comprehending consumer buying trends and foreseeing product and service distribution imperatives. As it is essential for any business to be successful, we specialize to analyze the status and activities of competitors too.

The hallmark of the operations of Fatronz Consultancy Services is the deep-rootedness of our findings and strategies, on staunch reality. We does not speculate while analyzing the problems or implementing the strategies. We hands out consultancy based evaluations made on solid and authentic facts and figures. Fatronz Consultancy Services, like a watchdog, diligently watches over clients’ intellectual property rights and threats they face from business malpractices. We know how tedious a task is business building and also knows how even more arduous is the upkeep of attained status. We track your business presence in public domain including social media. We also monitors marketplace for the various black hat practices like parallel trade, grey market opportunism etc. which pose as threats to our clients’ business and forewarn them of such adversarial tendencies.

Apropos committing to an assignment, Fatronz Consultancy Services, with our bouquet of business allied services, delves deeply into the task and gets fully immersed into it with tons of sincerity. We always put our best effort forward and complete the tasks within agreed time frame. We assure absolute quality and reliability in service deliveries.

In all ways, Fatronz Consultancy Services is the best shoulder to bank upon in an organization’s endeavor to take forth a seamless knitting of its ambitions and objectives. To know more about us, kindly write us to